Client: B.M.

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Brian Gurwitz by another top defense attorney in Orange County. Brian is one of the most intelligent and experienced attorneys anywhere. He truly cares about his clients and works extremely hard to give them the very best defense possible. In my case that meant a complete dismissal of charges and the return of my freedom. How do you put a price on that? If you are looking for the very best criminal defense attorney, you can stop here. They don't come any better than Brian Gurwitz. I was very lucky he represented me. Brian, thank you for your talent, skill, hard work, and integrity. You are truly an excellent attorney and a great person.

Client: L.C.

I would highly recommend Brian Gurwitz. He is highly competent, I trust him, and seriously appreciate everything he has done for my family and me. Brian Gurwitz helped me get my life back on track, and I consider him a friend.

Brian helped me in the best way in the worst time of my life. I was sent to jail for vandalism and trespassing. While I was in jail, I was pepper-sprayed, tazered, and thrown in solitary confinement. My bail was set at $20,000; Brian got it down to $0. Not only did Brian get me out of jail and get both my charges dropped, but he comforted my like a true friend. Brian stayed with me and my family overnight at the hospital after I was released from the jail. He also calls me on a regular basis to check in with me and see how I am doing. This attorney truly cares about his clients.

Brian is the most personal, caring lawyer you could have the privilege of being represented by. He is congenial, easy-going, and has the best sense of humor ever. Seriously, he is the funniest man alive.

Throughout the whole experience, I felt really comfortable knowing that I could rely on Brian. He was extremely knowledgeable and experienced. His experience paid off as I got the best possible outcome for my case. The whole time Brian was very responsive to my needs and kept me informed. I really trust him just because of the way he made me laugh and treated my like a true friend. I feel lucky to have been represented by Mr. Gurwitz.

Client: F.M.

If you're looking for a great attorney, look no further. Brian Gurwitz is hard working, professional, caring & friendly. He truly cares about your case with true passion. His cross examining skills are beyond belief. I couldn't have asked for someone to do a better or more thorough job. Because of his hard work the jury found me not guilty of all four charges. He did everything he could to insure justice was received. He's not just a great attorney but he's a great friend. My whole ordeal was so stressful, but he always tried to lighten the mood with some humor to make me feel more relaxed. He's the most trustworthy attorney I know and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Client: S.J.

I found Brian Gurwitz through a search engine while trying to find a decent attorney. I spoke to a handful of attorneys before him, most of whom were egotistical, impatient, or overpriced. The thing that I first noticed about Brian was that he was very straightforward with his fees and generous with his time to explain everything. After a few conversations I decided to choose to work with him.

He's easy to talk to, doesn't talk over you, and understood where I was coming from with empathy. I've worked with a lot of attorneys in the past and there was something noticeably different about Brian. While working with him I learned he also was a part of the governing body of his temple. This stood out to me as one of the reasons he was so ethical and honest with people. He is a principle driven man who is quite contrary to your typical lawyer.

He was very quick to get to work on my case had my case completed in less time than the other attorneys said it would take. He's thorough, yet works fast. Phone calls, emails, and text messages were all returned immediately. There was never a moment when I was left hanging with broken communication.

In the end, he also won my case with the best possible outcome. No matter how it ended I would have had the same things to say about him. Of course it's nice when you actually prevail in court, yet a good honest attorney can make the journey a lot easier on you.

Though this sounds like it was written by someone close to Brian, I assure you I've only known him for a couple months and have no interest in writing a bogus review. He's a stand up guy I'd recommend to a family member in a heartbeat. All you have to do is talk to a few typical lawyers then give him a call and you'll see for yourself.

Client: G.A.

I could not be happier with Brian's services. He was very personable and took an honest interest in my case. He believed in me from the first meeting to the dismissal of all charges and a declaration of innocence. Never having dealt with the legal system before I was very glad to have Brian on my side.

Client: C.R.

Brian Gurwitz is the best lawyer I have ever had. He possesses a superior knowledge of the law. He is cunning and aggressive. He will defend you with passion as if he was defending himself. He never judged me. I believe in him completely, I trust him, and I recommend him highly.

Client: B.D.

Working with Brian, you wouldn't know it was on a professional level. He treats you like a friend, and has your best interest at heart, as though you were family. Even when he wants to choke you, he gives you nothing but respect. He has a passion for his work like no other and will always give you 150% with a smile on his face. It doesn't get any better then that.

Brian, thank you for having patience with me and thanks for lending your ear.

Client: S.K.

I'm a client of Brian Gurwitz and did not know him, until he took on my case. During our first meeting to go over my case, I already felt like we were friends and that I wasn’t there just for him to make money off of me. I really left our first meeting feeling safe with him being in control of my future. To me it is very nerve racking picking a lawyer and getting a good feeling about them and what they will do for you. I felt like he has gone above and beyond what he needed to do for me and my case. I will hopefully not need him for anyother services but; if I did need a lawyer again this is who I'll be calling. I would trust him with my family and friends. Thank You Brian Gurwitz!!