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When facing criminal charges, you need the right attorney on your side. The best Orange County criminal defense attorneys understand how local prosecutors and police officers think, and anticipate the tactics and strategies they will use against you.

Equally important, your defense attorney should be respected by judges and law enforcement officials, and absolutely committed to the fearless protection of your rights with both determination and integrity.

Brian Gurwitz has the expertise and personal qualities you need in a felony criminal defense attorney. As a Senior Deputy District Attorney, Mr. Gurwitz was repeatedly called upon to play a key role in some of the most contentious, high-profile cases in Orange County history. He successfully argued numerous precedent-setting criminal cases in the appellate courts, including four cases in the California Supreme Court. He also testified before both houses of the Legislature, trained hundreds of prosecutors statewide, and served as a sentencing consultant to the California Law Revision Commission.

Mr. Gurwitz's practice now focuses on the defense of those accused of criminal offenses in Orange County — from drunk driving / DUI to homicide. He knows that a strong criminal defense is a critical check against the misuse of government power. He learned this as a prosecutor when his investigation of several prison inmates' appeals led to the discovery of new evidence that established their innocence. He also knows this from investigating and prosecuting cases involving police misconduct, brutality, and corruption at the highest levels of Orange County law enforcement.

For a free and confidential consultation about your legal matter, contact Mr. Gurwitz seven days per week.

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Brian Gurwitz, who prosecuted criminal cases for 13 years in the Orange County District Attorney's office, is deeply committed to protecting his clients' interests with determination and integrity.

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